Initial Meeting

  • Select Becky Barrick & Associates as your real estate agent
  • Determine needs and wants
  • Determine financial eligibility

Loan Qualification

  • Discuss finances
  • Obtain prequalification

Find a Home 

  • Select an affordable property that fits your needs
  • Discuss offer with agent
  • Buyer reviews contract with agent
  • Agent presents offer to selling side

  • Buyer prepares “earnest money” deposit (typically, 1 to 3% of purchase price)
  • Seller accepts offer (Seller can accept your offer, counter your offer, or reject your offer)

Present and Negotiate Offer

  • Deposit “earnest money” into escrow
  • Escrow will order Preliminary Report

Open Escrow

  • Conduct Physical Inspection of property by a qualified inspector
  • Approve seller’s Transfer Disclosure Statement
  • Approve Preliminary Report
  • Conduct property appraisal
  • Obtain loan approval from lender
  • Perform termite inspection and certification

Submit Loan Application
Contingency Period

  • Select insurance company and coverage
  • Insurance will be in effect at close of escrow

Obtain Homeowner's Insurance

  • Ticor Title receives signed documents

Obtain Home Warranty insurance Sign Documents

  • Need cashier’s check or money transfer prior to closing date

Down Payment

  • Deposit down payment and closing costs to escrow
  • Lender sends balance of purchase price to Ticor Title
  • Deed is recorded with County Recorder’s office
  • Get your keys and move in!

Closing the Escrow



This checklist was provided by Ticor Title & Escrow. You can view their website here.